Train Stations

What will happen if power is gone in a railway station? The fire system, safety system, telecom system, signals system, and data system will collapse; the whole station will get in a mess and horror; tremendous economic loss will be caused.

     Requirements and Challenges

1.Low noise
     The power supply should be super low without distraction of the workers, and also the passengers can enjoy a quiet environment.


2.Necessarily protective equipments
     The machine will automatically stop and give signals in the following cases: low oil pressure, high temperature, over speed, start failure. For auto start power generators with AMF function, ATS helps realize auto start and auto stop. When the mains fails, power generator can start within 5 seconds (adjustable). The power generator can start of itself consecutively for three times. The switch from main load to generator load completes within 10 seconds and reaches rated power output in less than 12 seconds. When the main power gets back, the generators will automatically stop within 300 seconds (adjustable) after the machine cools.


3.Stable performance & high reliability
     Average failure interval not less than 2000 hours
     Voltage regulation range at 0% load between 95%-105% of rated voltage.


Power Solution
     Usually the power source for a railway station consists of the main power and standby generators. The standby power generators should have AMF function and be equipped with ATS to ensure immediate switch to generators once the main fails. The generators can run reliably and quietly. The machine can be connected with computer with RS232 OR RS485/422 connector to realize remote control.

     ? Whole set product and turn-key solution help customer use the machine easily without much technical knowledge. The machine is easy to use and maintain. ? The control system has AMF function, which can auto start or stop the machine. In emergency the machine will give an alarm and stop.
     ? ATS for option. For small KVA machine, the ATS is integral.
     ? Low noise, low affect to environment. l Stable performance. Average failure interval is not less than 2000 hours.
     ? Compact size. Optional devices are provided for special requirements for stable operation in some freezing cold areas and burning hot areas.
     ? For bulk order, custom design and development is provided.

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